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6 steps to the best classified ad

6 steps to the best classified ad

Classified advertising has become one of the most common marketing tools used by huge companies, small local enterprisers and even individual private sellers. Classified ads can be found both in some print publications and special online sources called classified websites. The latter way is getting extreme popularity due to its obvious benefits such as global exposure, mostly free publication, targeted audience, simple and fast posting. No matter how vast your budget and business are you can afford classifieds for promoting your product. Still, there are some tips for creating more successful ads and we are going to share them with you.

Step 1. Choose a platform.

Use those media mostly viewed by your target audience, where your product will be quicker to reach consumers who are interested in it. Consider your local newspapers and magazines, but don’t forget that most young people prefer buying through the internet. Find sites where you can  Kijiji to post classifieds for free, make several ads and then compare their effectiveness.


Step 2. Choose the category.

All the ads on a classified site are sorted by categories, which make it easy to find what you need. For example, Vitamix appliances belong to the category “processors, blenders, juicers”, and a consumer will quickly find them while browsing it. In case you are not sure about the category of your product, search for similar goods and use the same categories.

Step 3. Write your ad.

The text of your ad should contain all the essential information about your product or service. But don’t make it too long. Start with the name of the product and what it is necessary for, then describe the details and benefits of using it. Consider checking the ads of your competitors to be familiar with the tricks they use to attract buyers. Try to invent your own special shtick to draw attention. Some sites have a word limit on ads, so the briefer you will make your text, the better.

Step 4. Invent the headline.

The headline should be short, bright, powerful, and again short. The main purpose of the headline is to grab the consumer’s attention, because it depends on the headline whether people will ever open your ad. So, think about the main benefit of your product or the situations where it is needed and put one of them into the headline. Use exclamatory phrases and rhetorical questions.

Step 5. Call to action.

This is what your ad should end with. What do you want your potential consumer to do? It can be making a phone call, entering your site, sending you a message. According to it, insert your number, link or email address with a phrase making the consumer to act.


Step 6. Test your ad.

The easiest way to check the effectiveness of your ad is to post a few of them. Write a couple of advertisements using different tricks, especially if you are no sure which will be better, and send to different classified sites or publication. This way you will both widen your audience and test the efficiency of the resources and schemes.