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Shakeology Shake

A Comparison Review of Thrive vs. Shakeology Shake

Diet shakes are some of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss. Some of the top weight loss shakes which are found in the market currently are Thrive and Shakeology. Meal replacement shake reviews indicate that these two shakes are some of the most popular, effective and most used diet supplement. Shakeology has been in the market for a while and Thrive isn’t a relatively new product. So how do these two weight loss shakes compare? Below is an unbiased comparison review of the two diet shakes.

The best meal replacement shakes review indicate that Thrive, just like shakeology is a diet shake that offers consumers weight loss benefits. So what makes them different?


Flavor is an essential aspect of a diet supplement. The best meal replacement shakes are usually available in multiple flavors to provide consumers with taste variations in their diet. Shakeology shakes come in numerous flavors which include café latte, greenberry, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. With about five flavor variations which taste great, shakeology is definitely the winner since all their shakes have a natural taste. The best thrive reviews show that thrive shake has only two types of flavors and that is chocolate and vanilla. Although the two flavors also have a great taste, consumers are only limited to two choices. The flavors are also mild and to make the taste better, Thrive shakes have to be mixed with other beverages.

Nutritional Values

From different best meal replacement shakes review nutritional facts are what helps to determine the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss. Numbers greatly matter when it comes to supplements. Consumers want diet shakes that will help them to reduce their calories intake, fats, carbs and sugars. Best meal replacement shakes review indicate that the best weight loss shakes should have low amounts of calories and high amounts of dietary fiber and protein.

A serving of shakeology usually contains 160 calories, 2 g of fat, 6 g of fiber, 9 g of sugar and 17 g of proteins. Although the amount of fiber and protein in shakeology is decent enough to curb appetite, the sugar is a lot for a weight loss supplement. The best thrive reviews, on the other hand, indicate that thrive shake has only 110 calories, 2 g of sugar, 2 g of fat, 5 g of fiber and 15 g of proteins. Compared to shakeology, thrive has a lesser amount of calorie which is required for the best diet shakes.

Shakeology Shake


Making shakeology is very easy and simple since it only requires one to mix 8-12oz. Water with a scoop of the powder. But just like the other best meal replacement shakes for weight loss, mixing of shakeology is a tasking process especially if you don’t have a shaker bottle or a blender. It’s recommended that consumers use a shaker bottle or blender since mixing this shake manually makes the powder to clump. However, if shakeology is properly mixed, it has a nice smooth texture which makes a lot of people to enjoy it.

Thrive shake is formulated by blending the powder with ice. Although it also clumps sometimes, some people love the ice flakes. However, its texture can make it difficult for consumers who want to drink it and it has to be mixed with other beverages for it to have a smooth texture.


Both Thrive and Shakeology are some of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss so the performance depends on what the consumer is looking for. Shakeology has a greater edge as an appetite blocker. It makes consumers feel full for long enough although it doesn’t give users energy boost. Thrive shake offers consumers the much-needed energy boost and low amounts of calories. It is also a great hunger inhibitor and appetite suppressant that gives the consumer a feeling of satiety and fullness for a long period of time.


Are you aware that the best diet shakes are affordable and cost-friendly? Comparing the price of shakeology and Thrive, Shakeology is very expensive and its price point is on the extreme end. Shakeology costs nearly as twice as much as thrive. Reviews indicate that a package of shakeology costs $130 whereas a package of thrive is less than $50.

Thrive reviews indicate that this shake has the best price option compared to shakeology. It is cost-friendly and that means that it can be afforded by a wide range of consumers.

Final Thoughts Between these two shakes, it is difficult to out rightly say which the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss is. Both diet shakes have been formulated with distinct properties and they have amazing benefits. However, numerous thrive reviews indicate that Thrive is one of the best meal replacement shakes that offer consumers energy boost since it contains caffeine. Touted as an ultra-micronized total premium mix, it is an effective appetite inhibitor, and a low-calorie weight loss shake with great health benefits.