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Benefits Versus Limitations Of Cloud Storage

Storing data in various devices is a common thing these days but storing the same in cloud storage is not. Cloud storage is the way of backing up data in a different space that is provided by a third party or in-premises of the business. This different physical space helps the user to manage, backup, and access data whenever required as if it is stored in the device itself. The price of the service depends on the provider and is generally very nominal. But the operating cost of such data is also incurred by the providers which they pass on to the user. This makes the service a bit expensive for most users. The features for every provider may differ and the most suitable provider must be chosen.


There are lot of benefits of using the cloud storage for a business and even an individual for personal use.

  • The storage service is one of the easiest accessible services for backup purposes. The need for payment is only for the space that is been used by the user other than the operating expenses that the provider incurs. The operating expenses are for security of data.
  • The cloud storage helps a company to cut down the energy consumption making it the best source for sustainable energy that reduces the cost of production of a business firm.
  • The protection of data and its authentication is the feature that defines the service which is very important for the use of the service. If there is no protection and encryption of data then no one would trust these providers.
  • Another advantage for the businesses who work on different location around the globe is that by backing up the data on a cloud, this data can be accessible to its different branches without sending information manually to them and the work ethics of the company are not compromised.

  • For disaster management, these storages are very helpful as the data in the cloud is copied to 2-3 different locations that make the data safe from any mis-happenings that may occur.
  • It is very easy to access cloud stored data and copying it to the cloud library a provision.


A system that has many benefits always has some limitations as well. Same is the case with cloud storage.

  • Cloud storage merely means giving someone else the task of storing data and protecting it for future use. In other words, handing the important information to other people.
  • There are various locations in which data is copied when stored in the cloud which can lead to unauthorized usage and using it against the company which would be very devastating for the company. Encryption is not a permanent solution to this problem.
  • When a cloud storage provider stores other’s data, data has to be encrypted. The employees working in the company can be bribed to have access to that data to which they know the decryption key.

Despite of many limitations, cloud storage providers are working hard to overcome them. The benefits are of dominating nature in this case and are one of the better options for a company.