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Best handheld vacuum cleaners that you must consider buying in 2018

Vacuum cleaners come in a variety of types and sizes and features. You can prefer and buy according to your needs and budget. Some people that need a vacuum for a small place or area might just need a compact handheld the device. This is common in case of corporate offices and cabins or cars or children rooms. Handheld vacuum cleaners can also be used at home for cleaning of staircases, cars, furniture and many other areas which is difficult to clean with the use of a traditional vacuum.

These handheld vacuum cleaners are the best in 2018 and worth buying if you are looking for a small and compact vacuum. These will ensure higher efficiency, performance, features, and also affordable price.

Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum DELUXE, 72A

This handheld vacuum comes with an additional dusting brush for deeper cleaning and has a very strong suction which can be used in the cleaning of hose stairs, upholstery and the interior of cars. In addition to this, it has an onboard crevice tool and a Riser Visor for stairs. You can extend the vacuum at long distance for better cleaning with the help of 20-foot long cord.


  • It is heavier than other vacuums cleaners
  • Small cups are there that gets filled with less debris also.

HoLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum

This is a lightweight vacuum with a good battery life with a quick charging battery. It is eco-friendly and safe for kids and elders. With a 90W powerful motor with multilayer filter hand radial cyclones in the suction, it ensures effective cleaning. But it is a little noisy model and is cordless to move in any area of house or office or car. It is suitable for cleaning the hard floor, debris, liquids, pet hairs etc. very efficiently.


While cleaning of the bigger particles which includes crumbs then the suction power is discharged very quickly


These are the best in 2018 models for handheld vacuums which you can surely purchase without any second thoughts.