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Delicious Bengali Dishes You Must Try In This Lifetime

The festive season is about to begin, and it’s a food lovers’ heaven in Bengal, as endless mouth-watering food items to savour. From sweets to snacks, Bengali menu has something for all food fanatics.

If you want actually to steal a recipe from Bengali kitchen, then please try to learn how to make baked yogurt dessert. There are countless options available in terms of Bengali Desserts, but this one certainly needs a special mention as it is undoubtedly a marvel.

Here is the list of some drool-worthy Bengali dishes:

  1. Luchi: These deep fried Luchi’s is a mandatory Bengali breakfast item. They look similar to puris, but Luchi has a light golden texture, unlike puris. It is served with spicy dry veggies or sumptuous gravies.
  2. Sandesh: Sandesh is one hell of a sweet Bengali dish. It will melt in your mouth immediately, and many people add nuts to it since it’s very soft to make it little crunchier. If you’re yet to have Sandesh till date, then this item has to be in your must-try list.

  1. Steamed Yogurt Pudding: Bengali menu will never have enough of desserts item, and once such item termed in Bengali as BhapaDoi, Baked Yogurt in English is a must try item. No wonder why Bengali’s are crazy for this item this is arguably a unique dessert that you will ever find. It is mostly served chilled, and it tastes just as yum!
  1. TangraMacherJhol: It’s a spicy Catfish curry and is a widely popular amongst Bengalis. The gravy or jhol is made using a lot of flavours and is baked until it gets thick. Some people add red chilies to make it even spicier. It is served hot paired with bhaat (steamed rice). It is also known as SorsheIlishMacherJhol.
  1. KanchkolarKofta: Have you ever wondered why the Bengali’s have such big and beautiful eyes? The reason is this dish. This kofta’s made from bananas will make you go crazy over this dish, as it’s simply too good a dish to be skipped.
  1. ChingariMacherMalaikari: It is evident that Bengali’s are fish lovers, and this recipe is something for which not just Bengali but every single individual who loves fish will swear by this dish. A mixture of cream, coconut milk, and prawns tastes so yum that it certainly worth a try.
  1. MishtiDoi: Now who hasn’t heard about this dish? No festive celebrations in Bengal are complete without having MishtiDoi. This is an after meal dish, and it cools you down in seconds of course after leaving a toothsome flavour behind. This is also called Bengali ice cream. Dry fruits are also added as a topping to give it a crunchy taste.
  1. Begun Bhaja: We have talked enough about sweet dishes and fish items. So here we go, Begun Bhaja is one of the best Bengali snacks. Fried brinjals topped with chaat masala is a snack that one just can’t stop eating.

Bengali food is a unique blend of non-vegetarian and vegetarian food supported by bhaat(steamed rice) is what you can call the core of Bengali Cuisine.