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Different Types of Wiper Blades and Ways to Prolong Life of Heated Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades are important to keep you safe while driving. They ensure maximum visibility and keep you from dealing with any road accident caused by impaired vision. However, there are many different types of wiper blades currently available in the market. Depending on weather conditions in your local area, you may want to put your money on heated windshield wiper blades. However, before you go any further, it is important to develop some understanding of what different types of wiper blades are available these days.

There are two basic types of wiper blades – traditional wipers and beam-style wipers. Traditional wipers use a metal- and plastic-ribbed frame. The frame applies pressure on the rubber blades and helps you remove dirt, dust, and snow. The best thing about these wipers is that they are quite cheap and easy to find. Beam-style wipers have a small frame and use a spring to adjust to the shape of your windshield. They are specifically designed to remove ice and snow in winter seasons.

Choosing the Right Wiper Blades

When the winter season is around the corner, most drivers would think of installing winter tires. However, they usually forget the importance of installing new windshield wiper blades. While there are traditional wiper blades available, you may want to opt for heated wiper blades if you are expecting heavy snow in your area. What it means is that in order to select the best wiper blades, you need to consider weather conditions in your area. Sometimes, traditional wiper blades work fine, but in harsh climates with lots of snow and ice, you should only opt for blades specially designed for winter. You will be better off picking wiper blades with hard rubber surface. This is especially true for heated windshield wiper blades – it is also improve to ensure that they come with a heavy steel gauge body.

Few Maintenance Tips to Remember

Even when you choose high quality wiper blades, they will eventually deteriorate. However, you can make them last longer by following simple maintenance tips.

  • Be sure to inspect wiper blades often and never ignore any early signs of wear and tear or deterioration.
  • Always take your time when buying replacement wiper blades because they will not work fine if you have not selected the correct sized wipers.
  • Make use of windshield washer fluid and ensure that you keep wiper blades clean all the time. Thorough washing will also help, but be sure to use a soft cloth or paper towel to clean each wiper blade. This will help remove the dirt without damaging the wiper blades.
  • Do not try to cut corners when buying windshield wiper blades – you should only be going for the best quality wiper blades to enjoy maximum performance.

The fact of the matter is that wiper blades play a great role in providing you with improved vision while beating the winter conditions. You should opting for the best quality wiper blades and always take good care of them to keep them working great for years.