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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Language

No matter how skilled your employees are or how good they have scored in their university; if they are not meeting the demands of present era; they can’t get you the desired outcomes. You cannot experience fruitfulness in the presence of employees who create a mediocre impression on your clients and visitors.

What is missing?

The first thing you have to do is you have to ensure that there isn’t missing anything important in the candidates you are going to recruit. Where skills and qualification is absolutely important; language is vital too. If your candidates are not comfortable in English or they lack proper English skills; that might tarnish your overall picture for sure. No matter how patriotic you are or how strongly you believe in your National language ‘Hindi’; you cannot deny the fact that the world is a place for bilingual people. Your employees have to be good at English if you want them to leave double impression.

Listen, you need not to do much; all you have to do is go ahead and embrace an English aptitude test. These tests would make sure that your candidates are well versed in English. Of course, it is not ‘Shakespeare’ or ‘John Keats’ thing that your candidates have to get into; it is about Basic English skills, which is a necessity today. When you know that the world demands a good grasp over a language, you should not leave it behind.

Are English Skills that important?

Once you have an aptitude test, based on English, a part of your recruitment procedure, no candidate would be able to escape the realm of English competence. If you feel that it would be unfair that the language is overpowering the skills then you are right to some extent. But it might interest you too that these language tests are not really extreme. Even if you know Basic English, you can crack them easily. Similarly, English is the need and if you cannot fulfil it; it won’t be favourable for your business.

There are many companies that introduce English test for a few designations only. For example, if you have an opening for the place of an executive, you cannot pick a random one who doesn’t know how to communicate in English. You have to pick one who knows his skills as well as has the knowledge to communicate in the preferred language of the clients. It is quite apparent that every employer wants that he gets the most productive employee for a specific position. There has to be a dynamic candidate for your important designations. If you want to rule out haphazardness   from your staff members then you have to invest in these important skills.

So, whether you like it or not; you have to work according to the trends. The present trend is entirely drenched in the skills, competence, professionalism and good language skills. If you have a candidate who has these assets; it would be a win-win situation for your business. The candidate won’t bother others for any language related issues or otherwise.