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Dual SIM Keypad Phones: A Step Ahead

With the innovation and development of the technology, there are many new features that are introduced in the basic mobile phones. The best basic mobile phones are the ones that have the normal voice calling and the messaging feature. These are the ones that were introduced the earliest when the phones were launched.

The new technologies that are introduced in these basic phones are:

Dual SIM: today many people prefer keeping two numbers to separate their work and professional life. The introduction of dual SIM card slots in these basic phones has helped the people to do so. Now people can have the SIM cards of two network operators and use them simultaneously.

Internet: today internet is the basic necessity that is required by all the people of all the age groups. The feature of the internet allows the people to use the world wide web for all their needs and necessities.

SD card: with the increase in the features of these phones the internal memory is not capable enough to hold all the data that is stored on the phone. The extra SD card slot allows the users to store the data in it.

There are a lot of shops that retail these phones some are online on the websites and some are offline the retail stores. The best keypad mobile can be found online. Online on many websites the sellers apply many discounts and offers to attract the customers and lure them into buying the products. Along with this, there are many advantages that are provided to the people who buy these best basic mobile phones online.

Also when we go to the website to buy these phones we can find the best basic mobile phones under RS. 500.  The basic features of these mobiles phones are as follows:

Calling: these mobiles the most basic function is voice calling. They allow the people to connect with their family and friends from a distant place and share information about their well- being.

Messaging: the mobiles also allow the people to send normal text messages to the people in their contact list. This allows a simpler and easy way of communicating with words.

Another set of phones that are available along with basic phones are the feature phones. These phones are more advanced than the basic phones. They have the features of as of a computer. They are also known as handheld computers.

The major features that are available in the feature phones are as follows:

A microphone: these phones are equipped with radio and with the internet connection they can listen to music and news on the go. The microphone slot allows the people to use the earphones or headphones while doing so. Earphones can also be used when they are talking to someone and need their hands-free.

Cameras: these phones are equipped with both the rear and the front-facing cameras which enables the users to take pictures.