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           Explore the renaissance city of Ipoh

Ipoh is the third largest city in Malaysia is the capital of Perak. The city is situated in the middle of Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The city is covered by mountains and valleys in all the sides and the north of the city has the upcoming hotels that can accommodate the tourist from various parts of the world. When you have planned for a trip from KL, then the best and the nearest destination will be Ipoh.

To reach the city of Ipoh then you need to hire the safest mode of transportation. So it is good to travel by bus from KL to Ipoh and it is the 120 miles journey which can be reached within 3 hours approximately. This short distance can be covered easily through bus and the bus operators provide their best service. Perak is best known for its food and the people who ever visited the place will get the world’s best white coffee. Many new places can be explored in the city and this article will help to reach the best destinations in Ipoh.

The important site that has to be visited in the city of Ipoh is Perak Tong, the cave temple which is the commonly visited place in Ipoh. This temple is built by Buddhist priest and has gained its historic importance and it has the cave paintings which are painted in the recent years. It is possible to get the stunning view of the place when you roam in the pathway of the temple.

Sam Poh Tong is also a Buddhist temple and has a Turtle pond which serves as the best resting place for the tortoises. The temple also has a garden within it and some small pillars and bridges are also inside then temple.

Many other places like Gua Kek Lok  Tong, Muzium Dural Ridzuan, Town Hall, Masjid India Muslim, Birch Memorial Clock tower, St. Michael’s Institution and the train station are the places that has to be visited before leaving the city. The city also has many other historic places that has to be visited.