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December 2019
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Fashion watches for the ladies!

We all have developed a habit of buying watches so that we can never run late and, oh also, to match the outfit we decide to wear on a particular day. Thus, we never refrain from buying watches. However, we wouldn’t even think of buying an average watch, thus, we prefer those which are our favourite and are worth something to invest in.

Despite the fact that nearly all the women out there are owners of smartphones and the digital clock on it suffices to help us with the time, nonetheless, women consider a watch to be one of the greatest accessories to be in possession of. A woman’s watch could be the definition of her personality.

Choosing women’s watches can be an extremely stressful task, but, we have made an effort to simplify this task for you all. We have come up with a few factors that you can have a look into and then decide for yourself which watch suits your need the best:

  1. a) Style – this is something that you must have a look into when you are going to buy a watch because if it is not something you wanted, then why did you buy it?
  2. b) Quality – you have to sure of the quality because you are investing a decent amount in the watch.
  3. c) Price – The decent amount that you would be investing is dependent on your budget, thus, the price of the watch that you prefer should hover around your budget.

(This list in no way is exhaustive, it is just suggestive of things that you could look for when you are going to buy a particular watch.)

Now that we have given you an insight into what you can look for in watches while you are deciding to buy one, we have curated a list for the latest fashion watches which are not too heavy on the pocket but are to die for. Let’s have a look:

  1. Olivia Burton Women’s Enchanted Garden ($108.2):

Most people like to keep the dial detailing to the minimum, however, for the Enchanted Garden edition, this is not true. The dial is covered with purple flowers which are inspired from the nature that exists around us. The dial is 38 mm in length. The watch is available in other colours as well but this colour has particularly caught our eye.

  1. Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow ($196):

For the girls who have got “sport” written all over them. The dial of this watch is unlike the first watch mentioned by us. The dial is simple and beautiful beyond limits. The Swiss founder was inspired by a Brit and that is when he decided to make this watch. The straps are available in multiple colours and they sure do look attractive.

  1. Skagen Freja Gold Case ($173):

This watch will make the female inside you roar for it. Have a look at the design of this watch, isn’t it the prettiest? The only numbers visible on the dial are 12 and 6. We, in particular, love its rose gold strap and the silver dial. This is your go-to watch if you are bold and amazing.

  1. Marc Jacob Ladies Riley Bracelet Watch ($220.5)

The watches that are designed by Marc Jacobs are something that we desire for and it is famous for its bracelet design which we absolutely are in love with! You will always find us drooling over the rose gold and that is the reason why we opt for the rose gold colour in this watch, too. The watch is available in the silver colour, too. (We do not recommend that because ROSE GOLD!)

  1. Picto Rosendahl Small Black Silver Watch ($158):

Please, do not bother by this Danish obsession of ours but, we couldn’t resist to keep this off the list. This watch is simple and amazing. There is a dot which is going to indicate the hour while the minutes are going to be shown with the help of a usual hand. You are going to get accustomed by this way of telling the time and are going to love it, while others look stunned by having a look at this watch.

  1. Fossil Jacqueline Three-Hand Date Leather Watch ($138.6)

The strap is built out of leather and this watch is available in nearly 14 colours from pretty to extremely unusual (attractive, still). You know leather looks just as good on women as any other strap. We have fallen for the mint greenish colour that is available for this watch. It looks elegant and extremely pretty at the same time. The dial is gold in colour and it matches with the green strap so well that we, literally, want to wear it everywhere. However, this watch – at all costs – must be avoided while taking a bath or while going out for a swim.

So, next time you want to woo your special someone, gift any of these watches to sweep them off their feet!