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Find the live examples before undergoing plastic surgery

Nicki minaj is famous celebrates and go at the hip-hop artist. Onika Tanya Maraj is a real name of her and she was born on the 8th December in the year 1982. Her father was Robert Maraj and he was drug addict so the abusive environment brought her up in her starting stages. She is one of the familiar female rapper dancers. In an additional she is an American singer, actors, songwriter and rapper and as result she own number of the fan and friend in all over the world.

 Then she was graduated in major field such as singing and music. With help of her qualification, she started to search out the right jobs. On that time, the Lil Wayne gave career to start new life with the great career. during the years 2010 she released the album which is named as “ Pink Friday “ then it bring great charts in the major weeks .

 About Nicki Minaj Life

 She wanted to change her names, so she wishes to call her as cookies and then later she is called as Harajuku Barbie. Then finally, she came to final decision that her name was Nicki Minaj. Then she was genius at the time of the writing her first rap. When she was writing she is 12 years old. The she is unmarried but she had dating with the boyfriend named as Safaree Samuels and they are started dating in the years 2002 and got engaged in the years 2011.

 In order to improve the appearance, she had undergone some plastic surgeries.  It makes well toned and gets appreciation from all over the world. Not the plastic surgeries that the world had seen was went successful.  Major chaos can also happen on the time of surgeries.   Fine the living examples by searching on the internet. This is why it is essential to take extra care on selecting the surgeons.  Get the relevant and useful information by visiting the enhanced com  They are professional and more experience one on the society.  If the choice is correct, then getting the good appearance is easy like Nicki Minaj.