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Oroton's guide to Handbags

Gifts that could make your expecting wife happy

How to Help your Expecting Wife

Your wife is expecting, she’s uncomfortable, moody and every day is different. Your wife’s body is changing and to keep her happy, she should get things that make her feel better. Whether you decide you would like to get your expecting wife a new purse or some fancy fashion accessory, maternity clothing and some other accessories for expectant mothers would be a great way to help her feel better.

Where to shop for whatOroton's guide to Handbags

A great place to start is Oroton. This company has several different types of purses and clutches to fit every mood. Maybe your wife would really like a new clutch, a way for her to spoil herself before she has to upgrade to some bigger bag for a diaper bag.

 -Different Handbags for Different Occasions

According to Oroton’s guide to Handbags, a clutch is a great accessory for a night out. It keeps your essentials for the night organized and easy to access. There are Crossbody bag, a bag that makes it possible for hands free while shopping or taking care of business. It has a shoulder strap that provides a sense of security, with a zipper on top to keep your belongings out of site.

The next several bags are great bags to use for different activities for expectant mothers. The Tote is an all-purpose that can be used for a stylish hospital bag when the time comes. It has deep pockets and is a sturdy material that will be durable for all stages of pregnancy. The Bucket Bag is a larger purse that has a short strap and shoulder strap, making it easier for your expectant wife to get comfy with her accessories. Then there is the Backpack. The sport backpack is worn on the back, taking away all strain from the shoulders and has a string closing, giving your expectant wife an easy way to open her bag and grab what she needs. To make your wife happy, prepare for the future. With any of these larger bags, she will now have not only a new purse, but it gives her the option to use it as a stylish hospital bag or a bag she will use after the baby is born. Maybe she doesn’t like the traditional bulky, child themed diaper bags. Maybe she is scared she will turn into that soccer mom some women dread. With any of the bags offered in the store, your wife will be able to adjust to her new mom life and still keep up the new styles of today’s fashion.

-Accessories and Clothes

Not only are bags a necessity, but clothes are important too. A woman’s body is changing incredibly fast once that baby starts growing. For some women, it’s hard to adjust when their clothes are getting tighter and less comfortable. Maternity clothes are every expectant mothers dream come true. There are many different styles of clothing, many are extremely affordable and cheap maternity clothes including tops, bottoms, dresses, bathing suits, and jackets.

-Not every day is a good day

As your wife goes through the pregnancy, clothes are going to be a big issue. Some days she is going to feel on top of the world and other days she will feel exhausted and run down. There is something to keep her happy for every occasion. Whether it be a tank top, long sleeve or short sleeve shirt, there is extra fabric in the item in a unique way to accommodate the growing belly. Most maternity bottoms are made with an extra stretchy fabric to hold them up on top, instead of a traditional button and zipper. This is also to accommodate your wife’s growing belly, while being able to stay comfortable so there is no pressure anywhere.

-Before and After Pregnancy

There is even an item called Belly Bandit. This item is for after the baby has been born, but it is sure to be something your wife will be grateful for. It is doctor recommended and helps the hurry along the healing process. It is great for abdominal support for the now weakened muscles and even helps support breast feeding. There are other types of belly bands as well, that help during the pregnancy. There are bands that help support the belly as the ending comes nears and the baby really puts a strain on your wife’s body.

– Online shopping makes finding everything easy

Ourpeacefulfamily.com is an online site that lists a lot of great ideas for expectant mothers. One of the greatest gifts an expectant wife can get is a pregnancy pillow. There are several different kinds. One is called the LeachcoSnoogle total body pillow. This pillow is huge but lovely. It is kind of like a C shape. The pillow goes behind you with one end going between your legs and the other end under your head. It will make a huge difference for your wife as her belly grows. This pillow, and other pregnancy pillows, really help expectant mothers have the ability to get as comfortable as possible, something that is rare during any pregnancy.

Oroton's guide to Handbags

To keep your wife happy while expecting, is to keep her comfortable. In the beginning the first trimester is one of the hardest, being there is the morning sickness and that doesn’t mean it only hits in the morning. Keep her hydrated and comfortable. This means a pregnancy pillow is a must so she can lay however she will need to so not only her, but the baby as well, is comfortable. Maternity clothes will help her keep her confidence as the changes she will experience may become a hardship. There are many different styles of clothing, including dresses, to prevent tight, constrictive feelings. There are also belly bands for during and after pregnancy. Postpartum depression is something all women go through, and something like a belly band can help ease some of the troubles that will be weighing on your wife.