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Guide to get the PR for Canada 

You can follow the guide to understand the detailed procedure for getting the permanent resident status in Canada.

What is permanent resident visa in Canada?

Permanent resident status in Canada implies that a non-Canadian person is entitled to stay in Canada without any time limit on stay. The permission for stay is granted by the Canadian government to ensure that the person can stay there permanently.

It is to be noted that permanent resident of Canada is not a Canadian citizen and there are some differences of rights between the two.

Requirement for permanent stay in Canada

For permanent stay in Canada, the person has to apply to IRCC which is Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent resident visa Canada.

Duration for stay

To acquire the status of permanent resident in Canada, the resident must stay there for two out of five years on a continuous basis.

Benefits of permanent residence

Rights given to permanent citizen of Canada are as follows:

  • Social benefits
  • Employment insurance
  • Pension plans
  • Rights under Canadian charter of rights and freedoms

A permanent resident will get access to all the rights of Canadian citizen. After living for four years in Canada, permanent resident can also apply for Canadian citizenship as well.

Eligibility to stay in Canada

To get permanent resident status in Canada, the following eligibility status needs to be met:

  • If you have a permanent resident status
  • If you are not asked by the Government of Canada to leave the country
  • If you are not a Canadian citizen
  • If the person is in Canada

How can you obtain permanent resident status for Canada?

To obtain permanent resident status for Canada, an individual requires the following:

  • Application fees
  • Criminal record check
  • Interviews to be attended with immigration representatives
  • Medical certificate

With the above certificates and documents, process to obtain the permanent resident status begins with contacting the consulate. High commissioners or Canadian embassy can also be contacted for the same.

Documents required

You need to have following documents for applying for Canadian PR visa:

  • Sufficient funds
  • Results of language tests
  • Proof of refugee status (if applicable)
  • Other required documents
  • Educational certificates
  • Assessment test of skills
  • Additional fees

How much fees you need to pay?

For getting the permanent resident status of Canada, fee has to be paid based upon varied categories. If you are a family class applicant looking for permanent resident of Canada, following fee is required:

  • Sponsorship application – $75
  • Principal applicant – $475
  • Spouse – $550
  • If not a spouse – $150

For entrepreneurs and self-employed persons:

  • Principal applicant – $1050
  • Spouse – $550
  • Non-spouse – $ 150

Applicants of other class need to pay the following fee structure:

  • Principal applicant – $550
  • Spouse – $550
  • Non-spouse – $150

The fee above has to be pain in Canadian dollars and can be changed based upon the laws related to IRCC.

The above procedure is followed for getting the permanent resident status of Canada. You can check and verify with the document list provided in the list.