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Home and Decor Hacks for 2018


2018, a new year full of opportunity and new year’s resolutions, but does your home look the same as it did last year? Maybe this year is a time for change. Our lives are created by our mind and our imagination, and so we can improve our homes and the way they look with simple hacks that require imagination and a little bit of time. In this article, we will provide plenty of ideas for you to choose from, so that 2018 gives your home a new look and your visitors will ask you for advice on decorating their own homes.

Hacksresemblance to a resort or spa, maybe with a heater

There are many ways to give vibrancy and uniqueness to your home, and the following hacks have been trending on the internet in 2018 and the latter half of 2017.

Making Your Bathrooms Resemble A Spa

When was the last time that you went into a friend’s house and saw a resemblance to a resort or spa, maybe with a heater? Exactly, never. You would be different among your social circle by recreating the “spa vibe” in your bathrooms. Simply purchase some candles, dimming lights, if you have the budget, wood floor mats, and a couple of robes, and you’ve got yourself the trending “spa bathroom”.

Mixed Metal Decor

Metal decorations give your house an artistic feel. These metals are not your typical furniture, and elevate you to a futuristic lifestyle. You can throw in metals into any color, texture, or environment and they will fit because they are different in their own sense. To make it a bit more “amped up”, mix different metal finishes. These may include metal mesh chairs, metal flower vases, metal statues, or metal decorative plates in the middle of your dining table. Get creative.


This was a type of flooring, popular in the 80’s. Now, it has been resurrected and is being used in entryways, ceilings, islands, bars, and anywhere else where it can stand out. You can apply a shiny clear coat over it, and it will look like a very fun marble finish.

Ceilings with A Statement

Another popular home decor hack is the statement ceilings. Don’t you get bored of the regular white ceilings? A statement ceiling will create a “fifth wall” in your home and will allow people to look up in amazement instead of down in frustration. You can choose to decorate your ceilings with a vibrant color, a royal pattern, or simply a different, unique texture. Whatever it is, make sure your ceilings are stylish.

Herringbone Patterns

This may require a bit more money, and some people may not see it as a total “hack”, however, it is a fantastic way to decorate your home for this new year, and many more to come. The herringbone pattern is versatile and makes any flooring space a lot more modern.

Inexpensive Hacks

The previous decor hacks for 2018 were a bit more on the “expensive” side, so we will now provide some inexpensive hacks.

Under Cabinet Lights

The under cabinet light looks amazing. You can do this yourself fairly easy with an LED strip, by simply gluing or stapling it along the bottom edge of your cabinets. During night time, you will be able to walk around your kitchen without turning on the light, and if done right, you can also create a separate switch for these lights.

Frosted Glass Design

For this hack you will need to be a little more artistic than the normal human. It will also require some patience, but will give your windows that extra pop they need. You can purchase frosted clear plastic and an exacto knife. Then you can print out a template of the design you want, and begin cutting out your frosted pattern, and finally you can stick it on your windows, for an upscale and different look. Also, people will not be able to see into your house, which is a bonus.resemblance to a resort or spa, maybe with a heater

Crate Shelf/Book Case

Got any empty crates you want to get rid of? Don’t. Instead make them into a bookshelf. They are already made into the shape of a shelf, all you need to do is either paint them a different color or sand it down and coat it with varnish.

Wall Accents

You can google wall accents and find a variety of different patterns, colors, and styles. These accents will give an artistic feel to your house. It’s best to only accent one wall in each room to not over-do it.

Teacups with Succulents

This is a great idea to bring the outdoors, indoors, and to accent small spaces in your home. Succulents are those tiny plants that you can buy at Home Depot or other local gardening shops. By filling cups with dirt and water, and placing the succulents inside them, you will have fancy potters to place near the kitchen sink, on window sills, on coffee tables, or anywhere else your imagination desires.

Custom Fabric Bed Canopy

This final hack will require a bit more time and creativity. Simply find a piece of custom fabric that you like, some metal or wood frames, and create a canopy that hangs above your bed. Throw in lots of pillows, and you have a very fancy, new bedroom.


In conclusion, 2018 is a new year, and you should make some changes to your life. The most personal space of everyone’s life, and where we spend most of our time is at home, so why not start there? We have given you lots of home decor ideas, now it is up to you to create them and put them to use inside of your home or your friends’ homes.