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How different is Silver Spring, Maryland in health care services?

Silver Spring is a sub-urban city located in Montgomery County, Maryland just north of Washington, D.C. Silver Spring has undergone a major facelift with addition of several top line restaurants, entertainment and variety of shopping venues. The demography of Silver Spring is cosmopolitan and you can find every race and nationalities residing here. Health care silver spring Maryland is touted as country’s best system in place. This is because of the programs that reflect complete dedication in ensuring all Marylanders have equal access to health care and services. There is no discrimination against immigrants, homeless, underprivileged, individuals released from jail and for many others. Health care silver spring maryland has a unique health care system called All-payer model, where you will pay the same amount for the same service at the same hospital.

How quality is measured at Maryland hospitals?health care silver spring maryland

  • Reducing Readmissions – Hospitals readmission rate is traditionally effective measure of quality of the broader health system, which includes physicians, nursing homes, and community service organizations.
  • Reducing Complications and Infections – Common infections and ailments acquired while being cared for at a hospital includes surgical site infections, sepsis, central line-associated bloodstream infections etc. Many of these can be avoided with proper safety, training and care management.
  • Protecting moms and babies – health care silver spring maryland hospitals have been at the forefront in ensuring to keep mothers and babies safe.
  • Hand Hygiene- Proper sanitizing procedures are strictly followed under all-payer model at all Maryland hospitals.
  • Improving medication safety –Medication related complications are common nationwide. There has been significant improvement made in safe use of medications.

Maryland’s hospitals are running not for profit and it governed by trustees who are local community volunteers and leaders. The main aim for the hospitals in Silver Spring is committed to the ‘triple aim‘for health care, improving the patient satisfaction. In addition, Maryland has unique rate setting system that control hospitals costs, maximizes access to care, and provides accountability to the public. Hospitals operate under fixed budgets and keep health care costs under check.