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How to Dress When It’s Hot In the City?

After long weeks of bad weather, it’s finally summer Or rather the heat wave. It is sometimes difficult to withstand heat and, side wardrobe, a problem persists. How to dress when it’s hot and stay in town? Here are 10 pieces chosen by us to survive at a very high temperature.

adapt your wardrobeThe beginning of spring, we lived under a raincoat with ankle boots. We were hoping for a mild and pleasant temperature rise but, unfortunately, it only lasted a few days. The sunny 23 degrees that allow us to wear our little dresses without suffocating in public transport, we have not yet benefited. This year, we go from a sad and gray weather to a heat wave almost hard to bear. A day at 30 degrees? Yes, but at sea or with an ice cube tray. The worry is that working girls cannot stop working and some of us are stuck in the city. Rest assured, everything will be fine. Just adapt your wardrobe at very high temperatures that punctuate our days. While dreaming of a cocktail by the pool, we will first be content with shorts and a light skirt to cross the capital. Zoom on these fashion tips to dress when it’s hot.

Light and comfortable looks to face the heat wave

When it is (very) hot, our fashion choices are somewhat restricted and make for comfortable clothes. We therefore prefer to wear light dresses, stylish shorts and short tops, but chic, for a city look and adapted to the heat. Attention, nothing forbids the color. On the contrary! Leaving to spend the summer in the city, as much to convey a perfume of holidays on our outfit. Flowers and bright colors then become our best allies. We decline on all our pieces and the case is in the bag: we get a summer look that is easily in town!

A dress with small bridles

It is easy to put on and is a good compromise to play it chic without suffering too much temperature. A pair of sandals and it’s set.

The crop top

Ideal on a high-wasted shorts or skater black skirt, the crop top , unveils your belly only if you wish and brings a looked look to your outfit.

Ruffled shorts

The ruffled shorts highlight the silhouette by revealing the legs and marking the size. We wear it high-waist with a plain T-shirt a little loose. Or we take out the crop top molding letting see his belly. Side shoes, we put on mules or other shoes comfortable but raised. Dressing up when it’s hot can become a breeze!

The long dress

Our favorite: the long slit dress, ultra chic. The marked waist lengthens the silhouette and the thin straps emphasize the bust. If our hair does not look like Gisele Bunche’s, we tie it in high bun perched on our skull. For the lucky ones, let your mane live in the open air!

The short overalls

We will leave his long version, raw denim, in the wardrobe but the short overalls is ideal when it is hot in the city. Wear it with a bra, crop top and sneakers for more style.

Light and stylish sunglasses

Because we do not want to lug heavy and imposing sunglasses, we opt for a basic model that does not lack style. Solar fine, colorful and round for a look at the top in town and on vacation.

The boater

Symbol of beautiful summers at the edge of the sea, the boater always responds present the dressings of fashionistas this year. It is even worn in town with a summer outfit, dress or shorts. C haves short or long, it befits all heads this pretty hat!

The mules

If some do not support the sight of this shoe sometimes nicknamed “clapper”, it is nevertheless happy on the planet fashion. Once we have tried this little wonder, we can literally do without it. Comfortable and stylish, it fits as well with a light dress with a fluid and colorful pants.

The combination

The fluid combination helps withstand heat waves without much difficulty. It is worn with gold or silver jewelry and Birkenstock for stylization. We even dare to accessorize a simple straw hat .

The scarf in the hair

It is worn as a headband to accessorize  a high bun. An effective and glamorous way to lift our hair when it’s too hot. We let a few strands ahead for a more natural effect. A return in time assured, and an elegant way of less transpiring.