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August 2019
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How to make your wireless network hacker proof

You need to have a security whether it is about the home, car or personal belongings. It is an extremely important measure to keep your wireless connection thief free. Even your data on some of the accounts can be stolen by the thieves which are generally known as the hackers. Having unauthorized access to your system can lead to a bigger problem. You must be aware enough of the hackers systems. Keep your data updated and secured by the as strongest password by your side. A hacker doesn’t need to know you personally in order to hack your system.

Here provided the different configurations which help you to leave your network vulnerable and virtually hacker proof:


The first thing you need to do is to login in the router’s configuration. Look at your gateway’s IP address. You can reset the password as per your need.

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If the passwords are set to the manufactures defaults then you need to change your id and the password. If someone gets the access to your network they will hack it surely. The facebook account hacker can easily log into the hacker’s account.


When you look after the name of your on the open network, that need to be changed.SSID name must be changed as anybody searching for the open device can connect to your one. After a little search on the internet, they can get all the details about you.


Always keep your SSID broadcasting.  The names of yours can be visible to a range which can be seen by anybody easily. If you keep it disabled then they will even not aware of the wireless network f yours. They are even not aware of the network exists or not.


Always set up the pre-shared key or the network key. Actually, this is the password to your network. Well, the pre-shared key has a password which is almost impossible to guess as it involves the lower as well as the upper case letters.


Keep enabling the MAC address authentication.it is to be only done when you don’t have visitors for your wifi password. The MAC of every device is different with different numbers and alphabets.

Well, it is important to follow all these steps to ensure the wireless network security.