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Impact of Large Appliances Installation Process on Online Shoppers Point of View

Impact of Large Appliances Installation Process on Online Shoppers Point of View

Nowadays in this modern world, consumers are getting an enormous number of benefits from sellers which are one of the best user-friendly practices. In order to increase the comfort level of the customers, sellers are also offering free installation to the large appliances in an effective manner. As the days go on, apart from buying and selling appliances, the installation process has also become one of the most important concerns and process for online shoppers. While talking about the installation process, air conditioners are one of the most important appliances which consist of separate process and procedures at the time of installation. In order to comfort the buyers or consumers, Llyod, a professional air conditioner provider, and manufacturer who are offering extraordinary services to their consumers from top to bottom.

A professional comparison website has conducted a survey towards people in order to how much people are interested towards online shopping and on what product or appliances (such as AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, TV and much more) they are interested to buy via online. The participants for the survey are the people from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Delhi. People between 25 to 34 ages have participated in this survey. It is also noted that 73% of people participated in this survey are males.


Survey conducted:

As a conclusion of this survey, a clear case study has been prepared. In that it concluded, 33% of the people who are regularly shopping via online are not interested or does not like to purchase large appliances via online because of various reasons. The reasons are clearly mentioned below.

  • Due to installation related problems, 46% of this 33% people do not go for online to buy large appliances.
  • 63% of the 46% people do not choose online due to the unavailability of free installation or service in their areas or regions.
  • 37% of the 46% people thought that installation process via online will charge more than installing through online.

5% of the total participants feel that delivery of the appliances in their region is taking more time and it cause them to lose the interest in that product and service.

15% of the total participants did not like the online shopping due to lack of warranty, discounts, and offer in some brands of the large appliances.

6% of the total participants are having fear of buying products via online, since the products may get damaged.

7% of the total participants feel that the price of the product selling via online is high than that of selling in offline retail stores. Some offline store employees are also offering installation at very low cost.

At the end of this survey, it has been found that still people are not satisfied with the online shopping process thoroughly. But soon it will be changed and issues will be overcome – said by the representatives who conducted the survey.