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Impacts of Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs is a disease that mainly affects the drug addict’s brain and also the behavior. Continued use of drugs makes you an addict, where you cannot resist the urge to use a particular drug that you are addicted to. Many people think that addiction is for the hard drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin among others, which is not factually the case. You can become addicted to other legal drugs including alcohol, Opioid painkillers, tobacco, and nicotine just to mention a few. Many people tend to think that they can control how often they use the drugs, but after a while drugs change the normal working of your brain.

Alcoholism and pregnancy

Not only does addiction to drugs affect the user’s body and brain, but also the people around the user including the immediate family and even their unborn babies. In cases where a pregnant woman is using drugs or alcohol, it is very possible for the drugs to reach the unborn baby. When the baby is born it definitely means that the baby immediately starts to undergo withdrawal. These makes the baby to suffer from a disease called NAS (neonatal abstinence syndrome). Major drugs that can result to this problem include Xanax used for sleep or anxiety, alcohol, painkillers and other illegal opioids.

Effect of alcohol on the brain

As the user’s brain become used to drugs, it gets used to the excess dopamine. This makes the user take the drug he is addicted to in large quantity, to get the good feeling that he or she wants. This is very dangerous as it makes you lose interest in other things that you previously liked, for example hanging out with friends and relatives, playing various games and even engaging in recreational activities as they all seem not to give you enough pleasure compared to the drugs.

Alcohol and respiratory system

The abuse of drugs also has a great effect on the user’s respiratory system. The basic function of human respiratory system is to supply all the body organs with oxygen, through the supply of oxygenated blood. Smoking of cigarettes and marijuana results to various problems related to the respiratory systems including emphysema, bronchitis and also lung cancer. Other drugs lead to blockage of the respiratory system resulting to slow breathing. Addiction to heroin can result to the complication of the lungs due to the depressing effects that heroin has on the user’s respiration.

Alcoholism and crime

Crime is one of the most significant areas of connection between the use of alcohol and drugs. A larger percentage of offences are associated to use of alcohol and different drugs. Examples of such offences include property offences, public order offences, driving under influence of alcohol and other drugs, and issues concerning domestic violence among many others. Inmates in prisons in the entire world have a story either partly or entirely associated to drug and substance abuse. This is s because drug use alters the way in which people think, their behavior, prompting them to making foolish and dangerous decision that subsequently land them into problems.

The most significant part is that addiction can be treated; there are many rehabilitation and treatment centers such as the Orlando treatment center, where you can seek treatment. The kind of service that you will receive in the rehabilitation centers will allow you the space that you ought to have to personally focus on your recovery.