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Importance of monitoring blood sugar

Testing blood sugar is very important for diabetic patients. Keeping a constant check on blood sugar has many advantages. It can help you in various ways to stay on the healthier side and quite effective in diabetes management. Doctors advise patients on how often to check their glucose levels. Those on insulin require checking their blood glucose more than once a day. FreeStyle Libre Glucose Sensor is a good option for such patients.

Why is this necessary?

Some of the benefits of monitoring blood sugar for diabetic patients are

– Monitoring the treatment progress

Regular checking of blood sugar shows the patient where exactly his treatment is headed. He can find out if his treatment is having effect or not. If the treatment doesn’t work, doctors can revise the treatment plan. If the treatment is working, a patient can rest assured.

– Understanding how your diet and exercise is helping you

The increase and decrease in the blood sugar help you to understand how your diet and exercise is affecting your blood sugar. Sometimes certain eatables increase the blood sugars and certain others decrease it. So monitoring the sugar will give you an idea of what affects you.

FreeStyle Libre Glucose Sensor

– Knowing whether the sugar has risen or lowered

You can come to know if your sugar has suddenly gone up to alarming levels or if it has gone down. Alarming levels of blood sugar can be life threatening so if you come to know about it, you can seek medical assistance immediately.

– Identifying the other factors that affect sugar levels

Some other factors like stress and high blood pressure can also result in raising the sugar levels. If you monitor it regularly, you can know what other factors are responsible for the rise in sugar in your body.

– Recognizing the effect of diabetes medication on blood sugar.

If you are on insulin and also otherwise, whichever medication you are taking, by monitoring your diabetes you can observe whether the medicine is helping or not. If it is not helping, you can check with your doctor to change the medication.

Types of Glucose Monitoring Equipment

There are several types of equipment you can use in order to keep your blood sugar in check. These equipment may be

1- Glucose meters

2- Continuous Glucose monitors

3- Glucose sensing bio-implants

4- Non-invasive technologies

5- FreeStyle Libre Glucose Sensor

These different devices can be used for different levels of diabetes. For those with lesser levels of sugar, Glucose meters can be used while those who require regular monitoring, CGM s and other regular monitoring devices need to be used.