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Is vaginal douche recommended during the course of pregnancy?

Do you douche while pregnant? It is a procedure, where you vagina is cleaned with water or other fluids. This could be in the form of iodine or vinegar and this is undertake by the squirting of the liquid through a tube or a nozzle and then inserted into the vagina. According to medical experts douching while pregnant is not recommended at any cost. But as per the numbers given out the US health department a majority of women in the age group of 15 to 44 years douche.

When you douche once in a month, the chances of getting pregnant reduce considerably. If you douche after sex, it will not prevent pregnancy. Coupled with the fact that douching does increase the chances of an ectopic pregnancy that is going to make your chances difficult to conceive in the days to come. One thing for sure douching does increase the chance of a premature baby considerably.

This brings us to the question on why do women still go on to douche. Let us learn more about it with the help of a study. A research publisher went on to ask around 141 women in Los Angeles on why they douched in the first place. The figures that emerged was  6 among 10 African American women went on to claim that they douched in the earlier year, in comparison to 4 out of 10 in case of Latina women. This pretty much proves the fact that African American women tend to douche more than the Latina ones. What they went on to state is that they learned the art of douching from their mothers.

This could also lead to the evolution of infection in the vagina termed as bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted diseases in the form of AIDS. As per a study that was conducted in the year 2015, vaginal douches are bound to increase the exposure of women to phthalates. This works out to be a chemical that is used to soften vinyl or plastic as in toys. It finds its use in cosmetic or personal grooming products at the same time.

Most of the women who went on to claim that they douched were because of good hygiene. But what is observed is that it goes on to disturb the balance of good along with bad bacteria in your body.

Now the question is how do you go on to clean your vagina? When you are bathing the outside of it can be washed with warm water, but from the inside you can let the vagina clean itself by the method of mucus. Do take into consideration that a healthy vagina is not going to be like a rose garden. You should get in touch with your doctor if you are having a thick vaginal discharge or any form of redness or swelling is noticed around the region of the vagina. This could also be a pain when you are experiencing when urinating or during sex.