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October 2019
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Let us say “Hey!” to the Online Marketing in 2018

Let us say,” Hey!” to the online marketing revolution. Youi Insurance is taking a new approach to marketing. The company provides home and car insurance. Savings customer’s money on all their insurance needs. Our company gives customers excellent pricing on cars, homes, and boat insurance.

Insurance companies are selling homeowners insurance covering Business Liability, insurance on boats, and travel, and work trailers. Adding to the security of customers while out on the road is Roadside Assistance, which is a part of the comprehensive auto insurance plan.

Youi Insurance is reaching out to customers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, finding new ways to connect with consumers, and potential customers in the market for buying cars, and homes. Let us say, “Hey”, to the online marketing by using a bundle of proficient marketing strategies.

Consumer Reviews:

One way to begin accomplishing online goals is with customer reviews. Who better to tell the world how efficient the Insurance agency is at its job and how happy the customer is with its services. Customer reviews add assistance to buyers by giving them an evaluation of the company through the eyes of other customers, while sharing their experiences.

Video Marketing Technique:

Our agency has taken on thevideo marketing strategy with full force. We are giving our customers the information they need to understand our company and its goals. Enlisting sales video information on the site gives customers a first-hand look at the company’s operations, and the important work employees are doing on their behalf.


Sending emails out to customers alerts them to any changes as well as events happening in the company. The opportunity to provide information on websites and media sites helps to inform customers while inviting them into the center of company activity.


Customers find it so much easier to contact a company if they have the number registered on their phone, no matter where they are. If they need an agent, they can find one with the touch of a button. This offers a sense of security to clients. Anything can happen at any time. If the people you need can be reached with a simple movement, it makes a tough situation easier.

video marketing strategy

Mobile app:

Mobile apps provide a method for customers to research claims 24/7 anytime. They are able to pay bills, file claims, or report accidents. Businesses all over a using these apps, so there is no reason for an insurance company to fall short on this useful tool.


Websites are becoming the go-to place for information. The site has contacts, phone numbers, email addresses, and much more. Agents can also make announcements relating to the company, even telling customers about other related information.

You can  enlist the assistance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), by providing articles with information, and relevant articles on subjects related to customer’s need. The strategy of the Website tells customers all about the company. Its headquarter location and its origin. Consumers feel more secure when they understand what a company is all about, and how it relates to their lives.

While building up a website there are several data that should be private to you and not to revealed to others. The data could be a core for the company, hence saving it through cyber security servicesin the best approach to take.

Live Quotes:

Giving customers the option to compare insurance cost in the privacy of their home shows customers the company is willing to match its resources up against any competitor.


Write an easy-going blog about the things consumers face with, and without insurance. Give customers a clear view of the benefits your company can offer. Some customers feel they can do without insurance until a disaster happens. Show them a better way with a blog and give them tips on how easy it is to work with an agent on getting insurance for car, home, recreational vehicles or work-related machinery.

Press Releases:

These one-page wonders are spectacular for getting the word out on events. Management changes and other related to the business. Customers love being informed and may give others a recommendation on the company.

Online Marketing


Facebook is an online community of businesses, friends, college alumni, and new acquaintances; this is a place every insurance company wants to show a presence.


Let customers join the discussion, ask questions, and share their experiences. Start a forum. Listen to clients tell you exactly what they feel is important. Many companies pay millions for surveys to give them information. They sit in offices wondering what the consumer’s true concerns are. Stop guessing. Get the information from the source, your customers. This can only make your business better.

Marketing Messages:

Provide a marketing message that keeps your business in the mind of the customer. State your purpose. Show customers how visiting your website, your physical location, or even giving your group a phone call, will make their lives better.


Listing your site on Google is a great way to spread the name. Customers can learn more about the company and the people it represents. You can also join conversations across the web, indirectly spreading the praise of your company and its benefits. Join and invite others to join you on Google.