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New and Fun Ideas for Your Kid’s Party

New and Fun Ideas for Your Kid’s Party

Having problems in preparing a party for your kid?

Are you tired of your usual, old school party every year?

Can’t blame you. Nowadays, it is really hard to think of a new Kids Party Entertainment idea. And hosting a party at home is really stressful and tiring – with all those preparation ang cleaning up after the party. Also, you will have to think of something that will not bore your visitors.

Having said that, why don’t you try having a Race Party. It is a fun and interactive party. All kids love and get fascinated by cars, so you will not have to worry if your kid is a girl or a boy. Another thing that is fun about it, is that even you, the parents will get to enjoy and bond with your kid/s.

What is a Race Party?

From the word itself, Race Party is a party where you can get to race with your family and friends in a customized track by using model slot and remote-controlled cars.

Be innovative and think out of the box by giving your kids a party like no other.

Not yet convinced? We will give you more reasons why you should choose Race Parties and slot car racing Melbourne.

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Why Have a Race Party?

Having a party is really fun, especially when you are having it with your family and friends. But having the usual party might bore them. It’s time to level up. Redefine the meaning of fun and excitingwith Race Party.

Having a Race Part will give you these benefits:

  • Time Efficient – Having someone prepare a party for you; arrange the venue; and take care of the food, is really time efficient. You won’t end up ruining the party, because you did everything in a


  • Fun for All – Who won’t get excited with just a mere thought of having a race? The race alone is fun. But having to do it with family and friends is joy. It’s not just a kid who gets to enjoy this kind of party, even adults.
  • Interactive – Because you won’t get to race alone, that’s what makes a race really exciting. If you can’t be in the race you can still participate just by being a spectator or by cheering; or be a marshal and help your friends get his car back on track. Race Parties can help you connect with people
  • Entertaining – With Race Party, you will not haveto waste your time thinking of something that entertain your visitors, because the event itself is really entertaining.

This new idea for Kids Party Entertainment is perfect for kids of all ages.

Party Packages to Choose From

There are many kids party packages you can choose from slot car racing Melbourne, such as:

  • Kids Pole Position
  • Kids Pit Lane
  • Kids Pole Position Disco
  • Kids Pit Lane Disco
  • Kids Pole Position UV
  • Kids Pit Lane UV

You can choose depending on your preferences.