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December 2019
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Not addicts but victims!!!

Substance usage, the very word everyone is aware of, the word which is the biggest nightmare of the parents, the word which has the power to destroy any family. At such a stage trauma-informed rehab center is the only place to save the victim.

Not a fun:-

Intake of drugs and Injections is considered as an entertainment by a lot of teenagers. They consider it as a fun, a coping mechanism to fit into students lifestyle. Soon they become the victims in the hands of illegal monsters.

What started as a harmless fun will be the stepping stone of painful destruction of the life. The person will undergo a lot of changes including:

  • Mental illness
  • Eating disorders.

And much more consequences which finally lead them to be the victim.


Addiction is the least level with the substance user. There are people who become obsessed with the usage. They will cross the line of reality and would do anything and everything in their power to get some of that hell back.


They soon will lose every ounce of their self-respect and become a putty in the hands of the provider. The will forget about the waiting arms of their loved ones instead becomes the devil’s span.

Mental illness:-

They will be in an illusion, that the whole world is against their happiness including their loved ones.

Eating disorders:-

They will even refuse to have an ounce of food without their heavenly booster.

Medicine for the mind:-

Though there is medicinal help for the body to recover from the monster. What happens to the mind? What can one do to the broken mind? How can it be healed? What is the medicine for the numbness?? A trauma informed rehab center which is well known as the recovery center for the mind will be able to provide what was lost, the peace and acceptance of the mind.

Recover center or rehabilitation center?

Recover center is the place where one can be at peace with their minds. It helps them to process what happened. It will help them to have trust back. It will help them to move forward with their life.