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PPC vs Organic SEO

One of many ways to promote your business online is a pay per click campaign. As the name says you pay for visitors to your website. It only counts when a user clicks on the advertisement. This method can be expensive but it proved its effectiveness over the years. There are many PPC provides, but Google Adwords, Yahoo search marketing, and Microsoft adCenter are the three largest network operators.

Search engines optimization is more complex than PPC and there are many companies that do this job for you. It maximizes your website traffic and optimizes it in such a way that users will stay longer. There are a lot of great SEO companies you can get advice from.

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SEO advantages

When you do SEO you are looking at your online marketing as a long-term strategy and generally people who try to get into this marketing strategy as a short-term end up failing.

With search engine optimization you get free conversions except for your time that goes into it. It is not exactly free if you look at time as money, but you are still not spending any money.

In many ways, there is also much less risk when doing  SEO in sense of that you are not going to lose as much money really fast unless you are really messing up your website.

SEO is also great for authority building, it goes for the ads also, but they can be spammy. SEO is extremely powerful when used and understood correctly. When you understand SEO to a certain degree it can pretty much be applied to any market and you can use strategies that you learn with it to rank for a lot of different things that are not around just one niche.

SEO disadvantages

One of the first disadvantages of search engine optimization is that it can take a long time, especially in oversaturated markets. So, if you are starting out and your ranking is yet to be set, it will take a longer period of time for you to rank better in any market. Read more on this link.

It can be very technical and confusing, much more in the beginning than when you get experienced, but with a wide variety of possibilities, the stress is guaranteed if your business is all you have. The procedure can be basic, but the outcomes and diversity in growth are always different.

When used incorrectly SEO can lose you a lot of traffic and sales, especially if you are already getting rankings on your site and you start optimizing your pages and then doesn’t go like you expected.

PPC advantages

PPC can bring early data and sales and what we mean by that is that you can start getting search rates really fast out of your AdWords campaigns. You can continue to fuel your campaigns as long as you continue to generate sales. If you set your conversion tracking correctly, you can tell whether or not you are generating sales.

You can be somewhat guaranteed to show above the fold on Google searches if you are willing to pay the price. Also, you can leverage certain things like local extensions to get listed in the map pack for the local SEO.

Read more about it here: https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/ppc-advertising-benefits/

Another advantage is that you can choose if you want to show up for the keywords you want or an audience you want. For example, you can set the age you want to show up to, or male-female, certain locations, and certain interests.

PPC disadvantages

The number one disadvantage is for sure going to be the cost for pay-per-click campaigns. It differs for each niche, but the average payment people make is not cheap at all. Additionally, there is a big risk when you start spending money on ads. You won’t break even always and most of the time you won’t end up making an ROI (return on investment).

PPC can be really complicated and hard to learn and be successful at the same time. There are many courses you need to take to have some understanding of how to manage PPC campaigns which Google offers as well. The disadvantage that is growing throughout the years is that people generally click less on ads.