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Quit smoking by leveraging the technology behind shisha pens – Are they safe?

The avid smokers usually don’t think of their habit of smoking as an addiction and this is a feeling which comes from a smoker who has never tried to quit smoking. Now if you put the same thing from the perspective of a non-smoker who is addicted to caffeine but who doesn’t accept the fact that he is addicted. Just ask him to refrain from drinking coffee and soda for few days and see what happens to him. The person will get agitated soon, will become vulnerable to mood swings and also develop a headache which can last for a really long time.

Nicotine is the main addictive element in a regular cigarette and if you wish to quit this habit of smoking to improve your health, you can take to vaping shisha pens as they’re much less harmful than regular cigarettes. Learn more on shisha pens and how their technology can be leveraged to quit smoking.

Electronic shisha pens – What are they?

Electronic shisha pens are also called electronic shisha sticks or e-hookahs and they are very fast gaining popularity among the youth of this generation. One of the main reasons behind their increased acceptance is that they provide a similar experience like a regular cigarette without the smoke. The manufacturers usually claim that the shisha pens pose very few health risks as compared to the traditional cigarettes. Now that you know what shisha pens are, you need to know how they’re a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

More details on shisha pens and its technology

An electronic shisha pen is a device operated by battery and it looks similar to an electronic cigarette. There is an atomizer which heats the e-juice which thereafter transforms into vapour which can be inhaled easily. These shisha pens are available in reusable and disposable form with different fruit flavors to choose from. What are the main ingredients of e-liquids?

Well, the key ingredients of e-liquids are fruity flavours, water, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Not much has been proved about the pros of inhaling these substances. In case you’re wondering whether or not these elements are toxic, you should know that they don’t contain any heavy metals, carbon monoxide or other chemicals which can lead to cancer. There are still no such conclusive studies regarding the long-term impact of vaping.

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about the ways in which you can use shisha pens to quit smoking, you can take into account the details mentioned above on how they work and how their technology has been successful in helping people quit smoking.