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September 2019
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Redefine the art of Gifting!

The art of gifting is a baffling one to master and with the increasing no of gifting options it is becoming more and more difficult by the day. Let’s face it, not all of us have a knack of picking out the perfect gift always but there’s always that one person who never ceases to surprise you with their thoughtfulness and creativity in their gifts. In fact, the whole process is so stressful that Googling “Best gifts” or “Gifting guides” will only make you feel more unsatisfied and overwhelmed about your gifting choices. This article is an attempt to help you decide the right kind of gift for your loved ones or at least to induce a thought with you on how you can go ahead with it.

So here are a few options you can explore on your next gift hunt:

  1. Experiences: The beauty of experiences is that they can easily be made personal and special and you have so many options. It can be a ticket to a show of their favorite artist, their dream vacation, taking them on an adventure. Who knows, you might just introduce them to their new hobby. Even if you are far away, you can choose the options from the comfort of your home, Mix and match from the options above, send the hampers by post and you are good to go.
  2. DIY articles/ handmade Items: DIY or handmade articles are more customized, creative, and more economical options. They are personal and shows the recipient how much of effort has gone into it. It can be a personalized piece of art, customized notes or home cooked meal.
  3. Small things matter: When the gifts are more useful to the recipient, it shows that you really care and know them very well. It can be as small as buying a universal charger for that friend who has lots of gadgets and is always complaining, Renovating/Organizing their closet, something that reminds of that inside joke that you two share or adding to their antique collection.

Even if you have the idea of the perfect gift, getting it in time is what matters, so make sure you are well prepared and organized. So, below are few points for an efficient approach to up your gifting game:

  1. Keeping a reminder list of special events, birthdays and anniversaries handy.
  2. When it’s time for the gift, explore the likes, dislikes, characteristics (outdoorsy, sentimental, artistic, intelligent and sarcastic) about the recipient. These can give you a great idea. A great gift hack is to buy something that someone likes on online platforms like Pinterest, Facebook etc.
  3. At the end you can complement your gift with a personal handwritten note. They surely make your gift special. It can include a hand crafted note, a hilarious note with an inside joke or a reference to a shared memory. Notes leave a great impact, especially when you can’t make it in person for the event, you can courier it or take help of many gifting portals available online. Be it gift hampers UK, us or even in Asia or Europe, these will make the gifting process less stressful for you.