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Role of dairy cooperative societies in empowering village economy

Dairy cooperative societies play an important role in the village economy. Milk producers can form a dairy cooperative for their collective and fast financial growth. In this article you will come to know about dairy cooperative society formation and functionality in detail. Milk plays an important role in the nutrisystem.

Here we will discuss the managerial and operational functions of dairy cooperative societies. According to law minimum of ten members are required to form the dairy cooperative society. Each member pays the basic entrance fee and purchases minimum one share of the society. The society is managed by the managing committee elected democratically by the society members. The elected chairman and secretary are the main honorary positions in the society. The managing committee generates employment for society’s official work. The staff member’s number depends upon the business of the society.

The society is governed by the elected managing committee according to the society’s act. Managing committee decides the policies of the society. All the issues relating from production to sale are discussed in the monthly meetings of the society held by the managing committee. The milk collection, testing and sale services are done by the paid staff. The milk producer brings the milk to the collection centre. After testing he gets the printed slip of details about the milk like quantity, fat %, price etc.

Then the milk is stored in the coolers and after that milk is transported to the milk union. The payment depends upon the policy of the milk union. Milk societies and the producers may get the payments in a week or 10 days. The tested readings should be according to the “nutrisystem”. All the data is recorded in the register or digital database. The milk transportation is done in trucks and milk vehicle. After testing of the milk the equipments and the containers are washed by warm water for proper hygiene.

Milk union decides the price of the milk from time to time. A price chart is provided to the dairy cooperative societies. All the records are counter signed by the chairman and secretary. All the records are maintained in such a way that it reflect the society business. Dairy cooperative society appoints a person for audit work.

A price chart is provided by the milk union to the societies according to the quantity and quality of the milk. Societies can pay the members daily/weekly according to the policies of the managing committee. The staff prepares the monthly account statement of the society.