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October 2019
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Toddler at home!Be careful!

Being a parent can be the most wonderful thing ever, but it is not an easy task. Especially when you are a parent to a toddler, you have to be extra careful in everything that you do.  You have to be very alert about what is happening around you and keep your house in the safest condition. At the same time, you have to keep your toddler healthy and happy.

Wondering how to manage all these things at the same time? Well, when you are a parent you become responsible automatically and the rest procedures of how to keep it safe; parenting apps are there to help you out. These days, when smartphones are handy one can get any information they want. Download a related app and get started.

One to three: journey is not so easy

Well, these are the most delicate years of your child. You have to take care of all their healthy needs and their dietary requirements. Otherwise, they will not have a proper physical and mental growth which in the long run can be very negative for them. So, you have to take very good care of what they eat and what not. From their very first year to the third year, a kid goes through a lot of transitions. They change their diets from breastfeeding to light food, and then very slowly they start getting accustomed to regular eating habits like other grown up children. They slightly develop their taste buds, and gradually their digestion power also increases. If you download some best parenting apps, you will get to know how to prepare small servings for your toddlers throughout the day. These apps will help you to know what vegetables and fruits you can gradually add to their diet plans and bring some variety in their food habits.

Here are some pointers on how to take care of your toddler’s diet

  • Try to add a variety of food items.
  • Try to add a lot of fruits and vegetables to their regular diets.
  • Include some milk and dairy products.
  • Make your toddlers drink a lot of water.
  • Mash the rice and vegetables because their teeth are not much strong.
  • Prefer food items which have less salt and also add a very minimum amount of salt while cooking their food.
  • Try to add egg yolks, meat, and legumes in their regular diet plans.
  • Strictly avoid chocolates, oily food, and outside foods.

The other thing that a parent has to be very careful about is the vaccination of their toddlers. Yes, one has to keep in mind the exact dates on which they have to be vaccinated and should take the booster dose as well. Give a reminder at least two days before the date so that you can be prepared. Check your child’s weight at a regular interval to get an idea whether they are having a proper growth or not. At home, be very careful about their hygiene. Do not keep any such things around them which can create harm to them. Always keep a first aid box in handy in case of emergency. Make your child wear clothes that are comfortable and are made from soft cotton.

There are best parenting apps for new parents which will guide them through difficulties.