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True facts and benefits of red seaweed named Carrageenan:

Most of the people have heard about the red seaweed. Red seaweed is the type of seaweed which has more health benefits to the people consuming it. There are many kinds of edible seaweed available in the market which includes the famous Carrageenan. Some of the health benefits of the red seaweed can be given below:

ü  Red seaweeds, as it is rich in proteins and minerals, they are included as one of the ingredients for the Chinese medicines.

ü  It is rich in more nutrients and so it can be considered to be as the nutritious food.

ü  It also helps to improve the immune system of the body who are consuming the food rich in red seaweeds.

ü  The protein present in the sea weed stimulates the interferon which protects our body from the dangerous factors.

ü  This types of interferon released into the body tends to cure the disorders of the body like the asthma, skin diseases, stomach disorders which include ulcers, etc.

One such red seaweed which is edible is the Carrageenan.  It is highly used in the foods and the diary products. It had been divided into three categories which are listed below:

·         Kappa Carrageenan:

Kappa Carrageenan contains potassium ions in it, which helps in giving the rigid, hard gels. All the gels tend to dissolve in hot water except the lambda Carrageenan as it only dissolves in the cold water.

·         Lota Carrageenan:

 Lota Carrageenan forms a soft gel due to the presence of calcium ions on it.

·         Lambda Carrageenan:

It is used to thicken the diary products.

The classification is done based upon the degree of sulphide present in it. The gelatinous extract from the sea weed can be useful to add with the food addictives. The Carrageenan is the vegetarian sea weed which gives the best alternative to the gelatin.

These sea weeds are used in many of the food products and it is also used in the making of toothpaste, shoe polish, diet sodas, pet diets etc. in order to know more facts about this red sea weed named Carrageenan, log on to the website.