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Virus : A Major Computer System Threat

The computer system is well equipped with various defence mechanisms and is self sufficient to deal with foreign harmful data that enters its memory and tries to harm it. However there are some malicious softwares that still manage to enter the system and try their best to destroy the data inside it. These malicious softwares are thus called viruses. They are malwares that enter the computer system and completely destroy it. They not only stop its functioning and working but may also at times delete or encrypt the stored information. In this case it becomes excessively difficult to retrieve it back. Thus the computer programmers suffer from a great loss.

There are many viruses which manage to enter the computer system and harm it to the greatest extent possible. For example Trojan horses and Ransomware. While Trojan horses on one side are malicious which may pose serious threat to the computer system and hinder in its working, Ransomware is another serious threat. As the name suggests it is based on the ransom system. The hackers are involved behind it. They send such dialog boxes to the users to pay the mentioned amount of ransom otherwise they will not be allowed the access to their own data. Thus if they don’t pay the demanded money, they either destroy the existing data or delete the original information and enter some false information at its place. Thus it becomes difficult to retrieve the original data. In order to do so, the users are forced to submit the desired amount of money and get back the access to their files and folders. This is a serious kind of virus which may harm the system completely and sometimes it is even difficult to get over the trauma. The hackers cannot be identified due to high level of security that they offer to themselves as well as due the secrecy of the conspiracy. This is mostly done by the people in order to take some revenge from their colleagues. The money can easily be earned from them. Moreover the people consider Ransomware as an easy way of earning their livelihood. No hard work nothing is needed; only a little cleverness and knowledge about computers.

Saving your system from threats

The computer system can easily be saved from such threats by the use of antivirus softwares. These softwares were developed in order to help the users save their computer systems from various malicious threats. Such antiviruses are installed with the help of a CD or are sometimes inbuilt. They can also be purchased online and thus installed. One problem that lies with them is that they have to be up dated time and again but they are beneficial against malwares like Ransomware. Such malicious viruses can be easily prevented after the installation of antivirus softwares.

Also other strategies can be made in order to save the data from viruses. Like keeping data backup by keeping the same folder in different drives. So that it is easy to retrieve it back.