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What is an ICO in digital currency

What is an ICO in digital currency?

ICO is the short term for the initial coin offering, when launching a new crypto token or cryptocurrency the developers will be offering a limited number of units to the investors in exchange for other major crypto coins such as ethereum or bitcoin. The ICO is an amazing tool that quickly raises the development funds to support new digital cryptocurrencies. The tokens offered to the investors during initial stage of ICO launch can be sold or traded on the cryptocurrency exchanges in which the users can also make their ICO coin to invest on the cryptocurrency exchange by assuming and checking whether there is a sufficient demand for the cryptocurrency. Among other ICO cryptocurrency the ethereum ICO is one of the most notable popular and successful one in the initial coin offering.

In the digital cryptocurrency market the ICO still remains to be an amazing way to fund the new cryptocurrency related projects and there are also multiple successful ones are available to come. However before launching the ICO as an investor you need do some research and investigate the team and their background about what type of the cryptocurrency project in which you are going to make your ico coin to invest . There are multiple websites available on the internet that provide you the list of ICO’s and by checking their ICO calendar you can decide to invest your ICO coin in the crypto project.

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How ICO fund raising works?

When cryptocurrency company likes to raise their capitals through ICO then they must provide the few details including project purpose, project description, types of virtual currencies accepted, amount needs to be raised, time frame of the ICO campaign and percentage of the tokens that company will keep.

  • After receiving the above information the ICO will work on increasing your funds. If they successfully raise the fund amount for the campaign then they will carry out the scheme to complete project, if not they will be returning back the amount to the investors.
  • ICO can be also conducted to help in increasing of the funds for various types of charity organizations and business and it is also used as a tool by the scammers to conduct frauds.
  • In order to make a successful investment in ICO coin then one need to be patient and should be ready to spend their time to conduct research on the company.

The ICO coin has helped many start-up investors to raise the funds they need for their project and with ICO coin to invest start-ups can easily raise their large amount of money within a short period of time. When you have the patient and information about the company you can increase your company funds.